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Started by David Knell, Tue. 22 Oct 2019, 03:57 PM

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David Knell

I imagine Mark Fletcher of is dealing with a huge inundation of requests to migrate many Yahoo lists to his site and it may take some time. While we're waiting for news of the migration of the Ancient Artifacts list, I'll repeat the new proposed URL:

If the operation is successful, the current list of Yahoo members should also be migrated and there should be no need to re-register.

In the meantime, if the Yahoo list ends abruptly, I expect Tim will post updates on the Facebook page:

And for those with an allergy to Facebook, I'll also repeat any updates in this emergency thread.


David Knell

David Knell

The migration is now official ...

QuoteSO the moment has come for the last post on Yahoo ancientartifacts. 
Thanks to all of you who have posted and even lurked.

It is intended that the group should continue at - we are still waiting for the
membership and archives to be copied across, but anticipate that this
will happen in the near future.

Please do join the new group now, in advance of your subscription being
transferred across from Yahoo, and let's carry on the party over there!

Tim Haines

listowner yahoo ancientartifacts

David Knell