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To buy a statuette

Started by Antonio Barsotti, Wed. 23 Oct 2019, 12:05 PM

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David Knell


As you know, the stock offered by 'lifepik77' tends to be a mixed bag and it is of course extremely difficult to judge only by images. It's also worth noting that Roman bronze votive figures are prime candidates for forgery.

I'll just comment that this figure does not seem to be part of the repertoire of mass-produced fakes of Fortuna that I am familiar with (though that may be merely because the range has been expanded in the meantime). The execution and patina are convincing and I see no obvious features that raise doubts.

I wonder if the plinth is a modern addition?


David Knell

Antonio Barsotti

Hello. True, in the past Lifepik was more reliable than now.
If the base is false it is not an obvious false and in any case does not affect much the overall object considered. It seems to me that I can exclude that, if it was added, it was Lifepik who made the addition. He is able to make small corrections, as far as I could verify, but I don't think he is able to falsify the base and then stick it to the statuette.
Thank you for your opinion that, as you know, I really appreciate.


David Knell

I can't tell if the plinth is a modern addition merely from the photos; the patination looks slightly different (see rear view) and the thought crossed my mind. However, if it is a modern addition I imagine that would have been done by the supplier or a previous owner, not the seller. It would also be a reassuring sign that the figure itself may be authentic.
David Knell